Who we are ? Univerzsal FIBC PVT LTD Leading FIBC Manufacturer Quality Assured. Univerzsal FIBC PVT LTD

Our company M/s. Univerzsal FIBC PVT LTD a Newly started firm with a aim of providing a Quality FIBC / Jumbo bags with a Higher end Packaging Solutions for Industrial Bulk Packing Needs., whereas Our company M.D has got more than eighteen years experience in PP woven sacks industry on Running a Unit at Coimbatore.

Our M.D. Mr.Ramesh has got visionary ideas and to make it practical he has in-planted latest technology and machineries for the Production of PP woven sacks at a very initial stage in the Unit.

With his vast experience and In-depth knowledge in the industry he has formed a well trained team for production and management in the organization. As an upcoming and growing industry, our firm has got explorable and innovative vision to make the future a successful and invoking new progress in the field of Packaging.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a well equipped packaging solutions for our customers at a very minimal cost as well as improving the quality aspects by adopting the latest up gradation in the Industry. This can be achieved with constant focus and involvement of our team members into the single aim of our Mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an eco friendly production at our factory and minimizing the wastages. Skilled and Unskilled Labours are being at work in highly safe working area at our premises. Aiming at Zero deviation from the planned work schedule and in Quality aspects.

Quality Policy

Our firm is targeted to achieve a 100 % guaranteed bags are being supplied to our customers for the value of the price given. We assure to keep on track that not even a single penny spent on the packing bags should be wasted. Moreover our Quality of bags should bring more business to our customers which makes an impression for our firm in the Industry as well as more business to our concern.


We have backed up with entire facility for Complete FIBC Production Located at Batlagundu, Dindugal. 50,000 bags per Month can be easily dispatched from our Works. Our Finishing section has got complete clean room facility to produce Food grade bags also.
Skilled labours for Stitching and finishing are being engaged in our production who have got min. of 10 years experience in this FIBC production. Each and every bag is completely checked before baling section. Finished Goods are stored in a separate storage area.